How to List your event on Pataticket.

  1. Before advertising with us you will need a merchant account @ www.pesapal.com and activate it from the email you get from pesapal.
  2. After signing up with pesapal,they will send you Consumer and Secret Key. Keep them safe you will require them when receiving your event payment.
  3. Send your event information To.marketing@pataticket.co.ke as follows:

Event Details:

  • Name of the event.
  • Description of the event
  • Ticket prices for the event, ensure you also indicate {if you have different price for each ticket and the class they fall under i.e. VIP}
  • Indicate date, time and the venue where the event will be happening.

Image requirements:

  • Slider image- 300px by 169px (should have the sponsor’s logos if have any)
  • Event photo – 300px by 200px
  • Sponsors Photo –300px by 300px (with all the image logos)




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