Q. The website is not accepting my email address as valid what do I do?
A. Check on the device you are using it may be predicting the email for you, and when it does that, it adds a space at the end of your email address. So you can either type your email again or delete the space at the end of the email.
Q. There is a problem with my transaction, and I don’t know if my ticket purchase went through Please Help.
A. The first thing to do is go to your email and check if the ticket is sent to you If not give it time it will send.But as you wait you can check your Mpesa Balance to Know if a transaction was one successfully. If yes just be patient and the ticket will be sent to your email.If yes just be patient and the ticket will be sent to your email and the transaction is done contact us on 0715316102 or support@pataticket.co.ke
Q. Is printing my ticket necessary?
A. Most organizers prefer you print the ticket and present it to the entrance of the event to enable faster entry management procedures.But some organizer may just allow you entering the event by just showing them the ticket electronically by your device.So ensure to read the details on your ticket correctly.
Q. I bought the ticket but I did not get my ticket how can I resend it?
A. After the confirmation that you have purchased the ticket, the system automatically sends you the ticket to your email. Check your inbox or spam mail folders it comes under pesapal .contact us through info@pesapal.com or support@pataticket.co.ke providing your details and the ticket you were purchasing.
Q. Can I be refunded because cant make to go to the event?
A. Once the ticket is bought, it is non-refundable except for circumstances like the event was canceled.


Q. How much listing fees/sign up fees/buyer fees?
A. Pataticket does not charge sign up fee, and buyers are also not charged neither do we charge for listing, just provide genuine and accurate details about the event and provide the correct size of the picture.
Q. How much is Merchant fee?
A. We only charge 8% per transaction.
Q. Why is your Merchant fee much cheaper than other ticket providers?
A. That’s a great question. We are pleased you noticed! We chose to go digital which is a bit cheaper than investing in physical tickets outlets.We also have few workers in our company so the splitting is not high which enables us to keep our cost low that way we can pass these savings onto you.
Q. Does pataticket offer reserved seating plan Ticketing?
A. Yes,pataticket offers an option of allocation of seating for your customers, i.e., VIP tickets.Make sure to list that with us to give the buyer an option of choosing those type of tickets.


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