Pataticket Kenya is an online ticketing company that deals with Festival, corporate and outdoor events that require booking through buying tickets.


The aim and objective of Pataticket are too narrow the gap between ticketing and technology and do away with the traditional on-site ticketing at the event’s gate.

Pataticket prides itself on quality service provision with ease to access tickets via any device one might have I his possession.
Ticket on-one-click and you ready to go.

At Pataticket we are up to date with the current and upcoming events in Kenya, we get the VIP updates from Kenyans promoters, event organizes and individuals who want to launch a gig or a ceremony.

With our free-to-list event services, you don’t need magic to be able to post your event to thousands of Kenyans who are active users of Pataticket ticketing website.

Do you have a youthful event or corporate event? Whats, your age preference for attendees? We have you covered.

Pataticket covers all genres, locations and available for both event organizers who want to sell their tickets and event attendees who wish to attend the event with one click.

Why Us?

We are trusted, tested and approved to run a successful ticketing process.We value our profession hence we are driven by a passion for events and integrity that comes along with service delivery and return customers.

What we list on Pataticket

  • Live bands
  • Festive events
  • Celebrity events
  • Ceremonies
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Sports
  • Cultural events
  • Start-Up event
  • Launches
  • Social Experiment.

Try us today! Let us help you pack your event to the brim!

Pataticket.co.ke ” A ticket on your hand in Seconds’



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